The suspicion of science

Suspicion of science has been growing since World War I showed us what its application, in the form of mechanised warfare, could do to the human body. Trust in science further plummeted after World War II because of the atom bomb. More recently, the fragmenting of society into tribes has led to selective appeals to evidence—amplified and...



The Euthanasia issue is coming to a head in the NSW Parliament. The Gospel Society and Culture committee has updated its resource paper and produced a new Short-Take to help you navigate the issue.



Modern Slavery is a Gospel, Society and Culture resource paper that digs deep into a problem that impacts 40 million people worldwide and 15,000 in Australia. This is a comprehensive resource that will help all Christians to ‘see, think and act’.

Abortion back in focus

Abortion back in focus

The US Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v Wade and give responsibility to the States, has triggered a worldwide response. If you’re looking for a Christian perspective on abortion, this Gospel Society and Culture paper answers many questions.

Masks not required – but should I wear one anyway?

Masks not required – but should I wear one anyway?

Masks are no longer required in most situations, including in church. But as the pandemic surges again the mask issue is worth revisiting. Benjamin Shuhyta* prepared this Q&A earlier in the pandemic to help you work through the issues, especially regarding attendance at church.

COVID index to help you find G,S&C resources

COVID index to help you find G,S&C resources

The G,S&C has produced a significant body of work since the beginning of 2020 to help Christians navigate the pandemic. Use this index to find relevant blogs ranging from theology to health and pastoral concerns.

A response to The Ezekiel Declaration

This statement is presented by the Gospel, Society and Culture Committee of the Presbyterian Church in Australia in NSW and the ACT. It is the view of the Committee, not an official position of the Church. Click here for a PDF version of this response. In the last week, ministers, elders and members of the PCNSW have signed the Ezekiel...

A time to discern what is beautiful

A quick end to Covid is wishful thinking. But pandemics can also be catalysts to rebuild societies in new and creative ways, writes NALINI PATHER*. With the increased uptake of vaccines, as well as discussions about the road out of lockdowns and even vaccine certificates and passports (a discussion of its own), we might begin to think that the...

A lockdown birthday party

What’s a birthday without a party? Ben Shuhyta* reflects and rejoices. I hoped I could avoid it, but this year, I’m spending my birthday in lockdown.  For more than a year, we citizens of regional NSW have been going about our lives with less restrictions than our metro cousins. Last birthday, I met with friends for a barbecue. The year before,...

Who are you to judge?

Who is the final divine authority in today's fractured world? KAMAL WEERAKOON* has the answer - and it's not atheism!   “Religion poisons everything and causes wars.” When I was in my 20s, my peers took that statement for granted. Everybody ‘knew’ that belief in the supernatural was infantile. Everybody ‘knew’ that science had disproved the...

Book Review: Western Fundamentalism

LEWIS JONES* finds that Gordon Menzies' book, Western Fundamentalism, takes us on a journey worth taking  Menzies, G., 2020. Western Fundamentalism: Democracy, Sex and the Liberation of Mankind. Sydney: Gordon Menzies. Available at Reformers Bookshop and other outlets. During World War II, Prime Minister Robert Gordon Menzies gave weekly...

My groans are many and my heart is faint

SANDY MCMILLAN* laments our loss of the ability to lament.In the very early days of the COVID-19 pandemic in Sydney, when the main talking point was panic buying, I was in the empty toilet roll aisle of the local supermarket, when I heard a woman asking a shelf stacker: “How long will this madness go on?” She had to repeat herself three times...

Nation’s culture the key to why we are Covid-anxious

LEWIS JONES* considers whether aspects of our socio-cultural formation play a part in the psychological impact of this ongoing Covid crisis.    About two weeks into our COVID-19 timeline in Australia, typically taken as time since the 100th confirmed case, researchers began surveying Australians about mental health. Similar projects were...

Twists, turns and a long road to Covid recovery – new G,S&C series

In the first part of a new series on the impact of Covid-19 and variants, NALINI PATHER* says we must prepare for a long journey - and we should lean on our Gospel hope The third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic due to the Delta variant of the virus is sweeping across the globe. The Delta variant was first detected in India and has now spread to...

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