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In Times of Grief

Is life just a quest to find ourselves? To define ourselves? What if we are already stamped with the image of the Divine? In this blog series, Amy Butler considers what it means to be human, in light of a biblical anthropology and her lived experience.

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Heaven Will Be Full. Not Merely of People, but of Men and Women.

It matters for lots of reasons that we believe in a gendered resurrection.And if we don’t then it seems futile to argue the case about gender identity from a Christian perspective in this present age. We can hardly prosecute the case for a binary view of humans going forward if we believe that God started something but lost interest in it along the way.

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The news we are not hearing

Nearly one in three children in Africa currently are malnourished and failing to thrive. Sandy McMillan asks, why are we not hearing more about it?

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What does the GS&C do?

Christians need to know what is happening in the culture because things are changing quickly and new issues emerge constantly. Yet, we cannot presume to find answers from the wider culture.

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