Gospel, Society and Culture is a committee of the Presbyterian Church of NSW.
The committee provides resources and organises conferences to assist Christian leaders.



NAVIGATE 2022 FORUM – Engaging Our Culture For Christ

This year’s Gospel, Society and Culture Navigate Forum featured six speakers on the broad topic of Engaging Our Culture For Christ. Here are the six videos. Speakers were Geoff Brailey from McCrindle Research, Pastor and author Stephen McAlpine, Pastor David Maher, Chaplain and Religious Studies teacher Jiye Kim, Freedom For Religion’s Rohan McHugh and Town Planner and business director Michelle Chapman

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Masks not required – but should I wear one anyway?

You will know by now that masks are no longer required in most situations, including in church. But people are still intending to wear a mask in church. Why would anyone want to do that? Benjamin Shuhyta* has prepared this Q&A to help you work through the issues and come to your own decision:

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Is Facebook harmful?

Social media promises so much. But, as it ‘matures’, doubts and questions arise. NICK RABE challenges Christians to reconsider whether we should participate on these platforms.  

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