Gospel, Society and Culture is a committee of the Presbyterian Church of NSW.
The committee provides resources and organises conferences to assist Christian leaders.



Bad news for authentic religious schooling

The Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) recently released consultation paper threatens to further erode the capacity of Christian schools to offer a distinctive education shaped by a faith ethos. JOHN McCLEAN writes

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Essendon-Thorburn: How to join the conversation

What happens when a Christian’s values clash with workplace values? Andrew Thorburn decided to resign from his new job at a football club one day after starting work. KAMAL WEERAKOON, a GS&C committee member, takes up the issue, provides the facts behind the Essendon Football Club-Andrew Thorburn imbroglio and offers some helpful conversation primers for you to consider.

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Help for parents with teens – video series

Helping parents, ministry workers and others connect with the teen experience of depression and anxiety is the focus of a series of videos produced by Gospel, Society and Culture (GS&C) and Prebyterian Youth (PY).

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Is Facebook harmful?

Social media promises so much. But, as it ‘matures’, doubts and questions arise. NICK RABE challenges Christians to reconsider whether we should participate on these platforms.  

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The suspicion of science

Suspicion of science has been growing since World War I showed us what its application, in the form of mechanised warfare, could do to the human...

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