Gospel, Society and Culture is a committee of the Presbyterian Church of NSW.
The committee provides resources and organises conferences to assist Christian leaders.



Help for parents with teens – video series

Helping parents, ministry workers and others connect with the teen experience of depression and anxiety is the focus of a series of videos produced by Gospel, Society and Culture (GS&C) and Prebyterian Youth (PY).

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Is Facebook harmful?

Social media promises so much. But, as it ‘matures’, doubts and questions arise. NICK RABE challenges Christians to reconsider whether we should participate on these platforms.  

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The suspicion of science

Suspicion of science has been growing since World War I showed us what its application, in the form of mechanised warfare, could do to the human...

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The Euthanasia issue is coming to a head in the NSW Parliament. The Gospel Society and Culture committee has updated its resource paper and produced a new Short-Take to help you navigate the issue.

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Modern Slavery is a Gospel, Society and Culture resource paper that digs deep into a problem that impacts 40 million people worldwide and 15,000 in Australia. This is a comprehensive resource that will help all Christians to ‘see, think and act’.

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