The COVID pandemic is constantly changing and often confusing. The Gospel, Society and Culture Committee presented on online seminar to update the church on COVID. The update provided key information with a biblical perspective to help you understand events and pray thoughtfully. 
  • The seminar has been edited into five videos (below).
  • Links to the slide presentation can be found at the bottom of the page.

Video 1: The committee’s Amy Butler introduces the seminar and gives details of a church survey about COVID concerns.


Video 2: Professor Nalini Pather (UNSW Medicine and a committee member) gives a
health update. What do we know about COVID, the delta strain,
vaccines and treatment? What are the emerging health issues?


Video 3: Adrian Lamrock (Moderator, PCNSW) and Jeof Falls
(General Manager & CEO, PCNSW) covered government, public health issues and church
restrictions. How have churches engaged with the NSW government? How should churches and Christians seek to influence
governments? How should we pray for political leaders?

Video 4: Dr John McClean (Christ College) looked at the issue
of vaccine passports as public policy and their impact on
the church. What are the plans for passports? Why does the government want to use them?
Will they be effective? What are the risks? Should churches use them?


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