Freedom Of Religion

Freedom Of Religion


Freedom Of Religion

How do we deal with a multi-faith society?

Christ amongst the ‘gods’ #1

Christ amongst the ‘gods’ #2

Christ amongst the ‘gods’ #3


Are Anti-Vilification Laws a good thing?

Religion and Anti-Vilification Laws


What’s the current situation of SRE in NSW

SRE in schools

Freedom4Faith promotes freedom of religion and belief in Australia.

Check the website for news and resources:


Angela Shanan in the Australian argues that recent changes in Anti-discrimination legislation are part of a wider trend of the limitations of religious freedoms.

Distracted MP’s Destroy Religious Freedom

In March Freedom4Faith and the Sydney Law School held a conference on Religious Freedoms.

Listen to the talks here.

A discussion of freedom of religion on Encounter on Radio National.

 ABC Interview

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