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We live in a highly sexualised society. During the last 50 or so years, sex has become part of ordinary discussion in both academic and popular culture. There are many issues that emerge from this relatively new ‘freedom’. The G,S&C has produced this resource paper to help Christians navigate the many issues:

Click here for a one page briefing

​Additional Reading

Link to Australian Senate Inquiry: Australian Senate – Online access to porn

Link to Porn Harms Kids symposium (where video of the talks will soon be available): Symposium

Link to UK report of the Children’s Commissioner, Basically Porn is Everywhere Porn is everywhere

Link to UK PM David Cameron’s speech launching Internet Matters YouTube clip here

Link to the UK Bailey Commission report Letting Children be Children UK Commission Report

Link to film Love and Sex in an Age of Pornography (SBS catch up, available short time only) SBS Clip

Link to USA website with stats Facts & Figures from Stop Porn Culture

Link Reality and Risk website Reality & Risk

Link to research by Brown and L’Engle on the impact of porn on young people, X-rated X Rated Impact

Link to research linking x-rated porn viewing with aggressive behaviour Porn and Violence

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