The Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in NSW, Richard Keith,  has issued this press release expressing concern about the proposed Abortion Bill

ACTION: What you can do

This week is a crucial one for protecting unborn children in our state. Richard Keith has sent a call to action to all Presbyterian churches in NSW. Click here Call to action FINAL. We encourage you to read it, share it and act.

NEW: Abortion Resource Paper

Here is the link to the new GS&C paper on Abortion: Abortion 20190731


The Moderator of the Australian Presbyterian Church, John Wilson, has written to all congregations in a call to action over the religious Freedom. Read his letter here

Religious Freedom – another perspective

To get some perspective on our concerns about religious freedom here in Australia – here’s an insight into what Pakistani Christians face every day. 

Engaging with Culture

“If morality is uniquely Christian, then “engaging the culture” is a fool’s errand. … But if right and wrong are intelligible concepts to the unbeliever—concepts the unbeliever is responsible for ignoring … then Christians have something to do with this world.”

Education and Work

What is the meaning & purpose of education and employment? Contemporary Western culture takes for granted that it is all about yourself – self-expression and self-fulfilment. In contrast, the Christian concept of “vocation” views work as self-donation. How can you invest in this world to make things better? Click anywhere on this post for JOSEPH SUNDE’S answer.


This is an informative article from The Guardian. It uses population growth & decline as a way of analysing the effects of global wealth and development, particularly with ref urbanisation, independence, and individualism. “Population decline is [by itself neither] a good thing or a bad thing. But it is a big thing. It’s time to look it in the eye.”

Pagans vs Christians

This Public Discourse article argues that contemporary social progressivism is actually a quasi-religion, returning to “ancient [pagan] sources of meaning, as part of an effort to re-sacralize the world.” This explains their antipathy “toward Judeo-Christian religion”. If you’re interested in reading more here is the G,S&C paper on Atheism, Science and Religion



Ignoring Religion: The consequences

From approximately the sexual revolution of the 1960s onwards, Western culture has assumed that we can achieve the ‘good’ life while ignoring not only religion, but increasingly character and virtue.  David Brooks of the The New York Times shows us the consequences.

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