The Church has a lot to say about sexuality. In particular, the Church has a lot to say about  the issues of sexualised culture ‘out there’. The Christian vision of sexuality is being deserted and deconstructed, day by day. But . . . what if some of the greatest challenges to a Christian sexual ethic are found in our own homes, families and churches? Sexualised culture is not an issue which is ‘out there’. It is ‘in here’. Porn and other destructive forms of sexual expression are very much our problem. For ministry leaders, this is a pressing issue.

Conservative estimates indicate that 70% of Australian men and 30% of women view pornography regularly. Children are often first exposed between the age of 6 and 11.

The Church is not exempt from these statistics.

What is driving these statistics? What does the Christian vision for sexuality have to say about this? What are the pastoral and practical tools we need to face these challenges? How do we even have this uncomfortable but critical conversation?

These questions tap into significant issues of theological anthropology, ethics, missiology and discipleship. That’s why the GS&C committee are hosting the 2024 Navigate Conference, ‘living as disciples of Jesus in a sexualised culture’. We’ve invited some of Australia’s foremost thinkers in this area including Melinda Tankard Reist, founder and director of Collective Shout. She will be joined by Marshall Ballantine-Jones and Stephen White. This will be a day to listen, reflect, pray and plan for a God-honouring response to these crucial issues. With counsellors on-site, there is space for attendees to process their own experiences too. Whether you’re in ministry, chaplaincy, pastoral care or Christian leadership, we think you’ll really benefit from this day.

This is such an important conversation to have. Please join us on Friday, May 31.


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