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The Hidden Crisis: COVID-19 and Modern Slavery

Modern slavery is growing because of Covid-19. But it’s not just a developing world problem – it’s also here. KARINE WOLDHUIS* writes.COVID has had a devastating impact all around the world. While Australia moves into the next phase of easing restrictions, the crisis...

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Marriage, Work and Covid-19

SHERYL SARKOEZY, the researcher and writer for GSC, is married to STEVE. Here are her reflections on working and living together in COVID ‘lockdown’. Steve has contributed to the reflections, as well as the experience! Like most couples we spend much of our week...

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Covid-19, last year's bushfires, floods and the compelling US elections have put media into high relief. Criticism of new and old media has intensified as the big issues continue to unfold. Distrust of media has always existed, sometimes justified but often not....

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AMY BUTLER takes a Christian view of the Covid-19 blame game Should blame for the coronavirus be squarely cast at China's feet? That’s one relatively popular view. It seems to lie behind some appalling racist incidents in Australia. We want to blame someone. That...

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COVIDSafe: Contact tracing for the pandemic

On April 26th, the Australian Federal Government released COVIDSafe, a contact tracing App for smart phones. The App aims to help State and Territory health officials trace the contacts of people who test positive for COVID-19. It won’t replace the current manual...

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